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Road Map

Concerning the goals of the establishment of IRNDT in parallel with the scientific policy of the country that has been planned in horizon view for year 1404 ,the roadmap for NDT activities has been drawn as follows :


1-Scientific View of NDT

In parallel with the overall view of the country for year 1404 , Islamic Republic of Iran will be in a position that will possess sufficient knowledge in NDT to act as a leader in our region .


2-Responsibilities of Iranian NDT Society

Providing needed routes for developing and progressing of NDT by creating relationship between universities and industries and other involved organizations as well as improving NDT techniques and implementing updated technologies for purpose of increasing the capabilities of the country in providing higher quality products and services .


3- Strategies

3-1 Increasing scientific and technological capabilities

3-2 Improving NDT techniques and implementing updated technologies

3-3 Increasing knowledge level of NDT users , achieving confidence on qualification levels and promoting the culture of high quality .


4- Tactics

4-1 Increasing Scientific and Technological Capabilities

4-1-1 Introduction and promotion of NDT to public , establishing professional courses in universities and training institutes , and honoring elected students .

4-1-2 Creating relations with Industries by :

4-1-2-1 Holding professional applied seminars

4-1-2-2 Searching for the fields of cooperation between universities and industries

4-1-2-3 Defining research projects for students

4-1-2-4 Developing and extending cooperation in operational projects

4-1-2-5 Introduction and application of NDT techniques in industries and fields that are not equipped with NDT and strengthening it in industries where NDT is

already popular and in sue .

4-1-2-6 Providing , compiling and publishing NDT books .

4-1-2-7 Selecting honored NDT users , appreciation of elective NDT specialists for purpose of introducing an image to be followed by the other NDT lovers.


4-2 Improving NDT techniques and implementing updated technologies

4-2-1 Developing standards and technical guidelines

4-2-2 Cooperation with related governmental and parliamentary organizations for creating or improving needed infrastructures .

4-2-3 Publishing journals , newsletters and technical articles .

4-2-4 Membership in international related organizations like ICNDT and creating needed facilities for participants for participating Iranian NDT specialists in

International and regional Scientific Conferences and events .

4-2-5 Holding national , regional and international NDT conferences

4-2-6 Holding NDT workshops

4-2-7 Holding NDT Exhibitions


4-3    Increasing knowledge level of NDT users , achieving confidence on qualification levels and promoting the culture of high quality .

4-3-1 Establishing Certification Body by considering all available potentials

4-3-2 Organizing NDT training programs by developing and compiling professional training material and educational standards and documents , evaluation and

ranking NDT training institutes by implementing the approved standards .

4-3-3 Cooperation with the related involved organizations for providing regulations of protection acquiring legal permissions and creating needed facilities for

fulfilling legal requirements .

4-3-4 Establishing scientific and technical data bank

4-3-5 Compiling needed standards for NDT equipment and products for using in country for ensuring on their quality in order to get reliable test results and

reducing possible risks in using the equipment specially concerning radiographical equipment

4-3-6 Publishing Newsletters and establishing portal and website

4-3-7 Cooperation with other related societies and unions


5- Other Responsible and Cooperative Organizations

Some important related and involved organizations in NDT Roadmap are as follows :

5-1 “Iran National Standard Organization” ( ISIRI ) as a responsible provider of national standards

5-2 “Iran Atomic Energy Organization” ( AEOI ) as a responsible organization for supervision on good performance of regulations of protection against

hazardous radiation

5-3 “Ministry of Science , High Education and Technology” as a responsible organization for establishing university courses .

5-4 “Ministry of Industries” as a responsible organization for planning and implementing technologies in different industrial fields

5-5 “Ministry of Oil ” as one of the most important users of NDT

5-6 ” Civil Aviation Organization” and all Airlines as important users of NDT

5-7 ” Ministry of Power ” as one of the most important users of NDT

5-8 ” Ministry of Interior” and all municipalities as responsible organizations for providing safety in structures and constructions made in cities

5-9 ” Ministry of Road&Transportation ” as a responsible organization for providing safety in roads, transportation, bridges , railways and aviation

5-10 ” Ministry of Housing and Urban Design” as a responsible organization for providing safety in housing structures and constructions .

5-11 ” Construction Engineering Organization” as a responsible organization for providing safety in housing construction .


6- Short term and mid-term plans

6-1 Establishing NDT society and creating its professional specific structure

6-2 Establishing portal, website and data bank and issuing newsletter

6-3 Planning and holding NDT conferences and exhibitions

6-4 Establishing infrastructures for qualification and certification of NDT personnel by improving the existing infrastructures

6-5 Planning and holding professional specific seminars in applicable centers

6-6 Improving and regulating education and training programs

6-7 Establishing National NDT Certification body

6-8 Membership in related international organizations

6-9 Signing mutual cooperation agreement with related organizations and societies


7- Long-term Plans

7-1 Establishing professional NDT courses and programs in universities

7-2 Increasing quality level of NDT services and implementing advanced and updated techniques in industries

7-3 Adapting NDT technologies , equipment and products with domestic requirements

7-4 Introducing capabilities of Iranian NDT providers in region and exporting NDT services

7-5 Continuous monitoring of short term and mid term plans as well as regular optimizing the programs

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