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IRNDT Objectives

IRNDT is a nonprofit organization under the auspices of the Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The main objective of IRNDT is to create a safer world by improving the profession and technologies of nondestructive testing. IRNDT is pursuing this objective by educating individuals, supporting research, and promoting the practice of NDT techniques wherever they are to be used.

To achieve its objective, IRNDT considers the following activities:

  1. Introduce the science and technology of NDT and its importance to the public and in particular to scientific and industrial communities.
  2. Support and sponsorship of NDT conferences, exhibitions, and workshops.
  3. Act as a premier provider of NDT information including publications, references, archives, standards, etc.
  4. Advocate and provide NDT personnel certification and establish a centralized system for examination, qualification and certification of NDT personnel.
  5. Cooperate in the development of national and international codes and standards pertaining to NDT/NDE.
  6. Promote the advancement of NDT/NDE research and technology.
  7. Encourage and support scientific and technical competitions within the NDT community.
  8. Promote international activities such as membership in international organizations and cooperation with other NDT societies around the world.
  9. Support publication of NDT/NDE books, journals, references newsletters, etc.


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