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A report on 19th world conference of NDT

The 19th world conference on NDT (WCNDT2016) was held in center of international conferences of Munich from 13th to 17th of Jun 2016. This conference which is being held every 4 years in a continent by (ICNDT) international committee of NDT could experience its biggest event back in past 60 years of WCNDT history. This international event was organized and hosted by (DGZFP) German Society for Nondestructive Testing.

The WCNDT2016 in Munich was with 2700 participants and further 1,400 additional exhibition visitors coming from 71 countries. About 670 lectures and 180 posters were presented during the conference. More than 300 organization and companies attended the exhibition and presented their latest NDT related technological achievements and services.


“Iranian Society for NDT” (IRNDT) as official representative of Iranain NDT community participated the event for the first time as full and voting member of ICNDT. IRNDT’s booth decorated by some eye-catching cultural and ancient symbols of Iran, concurrently showing activities of our society attracted attention of many experts visiting the exhibition.


“Dr. Farhang Honarvar”, president of IRNDT was chair of two sessions of WCNDT. He also presented two lectures in two other sessions. Two Iranian NDT specialists, “Ms. Maryam Mavaddat” and “Dr. Afshin Sadri” presented lectures as well. Many Iranian individuals attended the conference and exhibition. Mr. Nekounam the head of Iranian Consule in Munich also attended the exhibition and visited booth of our country. Fortunately, our NDT society for the very first time attended the ICNDT general assembly meetings as full and voting member of ICNDT.


In this regard President and vice-president of IRNDT attended the ICNDT general assembly meetings. These meetings are being held biannual Participating delegates of NDT societies coming from all member countries. In addition to introducing our society, Dr. Honarvar and Mr. Ghaemi described the activities and programs of Iranian NDT society.

In the following of meeting, newly elected board members of ICNDT were officially introduced and “Mr. Sajeesh Kumar Babu” was selected as new chairman of ICNDT replacing past chairman, “Dr. Mike Farley”.


One of the most important decisions made by attending members of ICNDT was voting for selection of the host country for 21st WCNDT which is to be held in continent of America in 2024. Two American countries, USA and Argentina were candidates for this international event. Since several months ago these two candidates had started vast advertisements and efforts in order to attract attention and votes of NDT societies of world. Their efforts to gain the votes of other countries culminated in the last days before the election and finally 43 voting members participated in a secret ballot. The ballot carried out resulting 25 to 18 in favor of Argentina. In this way, Argentinian society for NDT and city of “Buenos Aires” were chosen to be host of 21st WCNDT. Next WCNDT will be held at Seoul, South Korea in 2020. The delegates of North Korean NDT Society were actively trying to entice Companies, Experts and other societies to have an active participation in 2020 world conference. During visit of President and delegates of Korean NDT Society of IRNDT’s booth some positive negotiations were conducted between delegates of two societies and a memorial gift was offered to Korean NDT delegates on behalf of Iranian Society for NDT.


At the closing ceremony, Mr. Ghaemi as vice-president of IRNDT was the first speaker introduced IRNDT and inviting everybody to attend the 4th Iranian international NDT conference in 2017. Two memorial gifts were offered to Dr. Farley president of ICNDT and Dr. Erhard (president of DGZFp) appreciating their efforts on well-holding WCNDT2016 and also for specially their supports of our society.

Mr. Ghaemi vice-president of IRNDT, who is a member of Certification and Qualification Management council of ICNDT, participated the relevant meetings. Selecting place of the next meeting and next workgroup in 2017 was one of the important decisions of the council. There were two candidates including Singapore which could hold the events concurrently with 2017’s Regional NDT conference of Asia-Pacific and the next one was our country which is going to hold the 4th Iranian international conference on NDT in 2017. The meeting ensued selection of Singapore as the place for next meeting and Iran, Tehran as host for workshop. In order to have access to more reports and images you may refer to www.wcndt2016.com.


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