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Report of the first meeting of the three societies (IRNDT, IRSNT, IWNT) that are involved with NDT

The first meeting of the three societies involved with NDT was held on June 1, 2014. These three societies are Iranian Society for NDT (IRNDT), Iranian Society of Technical Inspection and NDT Companies (IRSNT), and Iranian Institute of Welding and NDT (IWNT). The board of directors of the three societies attended this meeting. The meeting was hosted by IRNDT in the conference room of the Iranian Council of Scientific Societies.

In the beginning of the meeting, the presidents of each society briefly introduced their society and talked about the history of formation of their societies. The board members emphasized on the NGO nature of the societies and the necessity of involvement of all members in the society.

Then members of the board of IRNDT reminded the history of establishment of IWNT in 1992 and asked for the complete separation of NDT sector from IWNT and concentration of all NDT society activities in the newly founded IRNDT. The members of the board of IWNT agreed to gradually reduce their NDT activities as IRNDT grows.

All three societies agreed to cooperate in pursuing their common interests in dealing with other organizations and governmental online casino sectors. IRSNT proposed the formation of a consortium of the three societies. All three societies agreed to form a committee including the representatives of each society to discuss and pursue their common interests. This committee should meet every three months to review different aspects buy viagra online of this cooperation.

The following items were also discussed in the meeting:

1- How to consult and coordinate cooperation and interaction with governmental organizations

2- How to cooperate on competency measures of inspection companies, welding companies and NDT companies

3- Conferences, seminars and educational courses

4- NDT and welding education

5- Membership of three societies in international societies and participating in regional and international conferences and events

6- How to encourage NDT companies and NDT personnel to join the societies

7- Establishment of committees that would promote and support the inspection and NDT in Iran



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negotiations and co-ordinations

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