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Overall report on workshop of Digital Radiography

The workshop of Digital-Radiography was held on two days 11 and 12 January 2014 in Tehran. 19 people from different organizations having registered in advance, attended the workshop. at first various methods of image reconstruction and image processing were introduced by the presenter of workshop Dr. Movafeghi. Then students became familiar with Digital-radiography methods and special image scanners.

On the second day, Standards used on industrial online casino CT scanners, fluoroscopy and QC on Digital-Radiography were introduced and the only domestic producer of Image scanners, described about their products and its software. then using two different scanners, students converted analog images into digital format.  a comprehensive visit of a digital-radiography laboratory was done by the students.

At the end, a package of standards, books and files related to digital-radiography was offered to the students attending the workshop.

Certification of attendance were offered to all the students attending the workshop.

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